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Hall--Letchworth Sketch small.jpg
Executive Secretary of the American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society created map immediately following William P. Letchworth's gift of his Glen Iris estate to New York. It reflected "certain new drives designed to give greater accessibility…

Glen Iris Stereoview--full.jpg
From a series of stereoviews entitled "Gems from Genesee River & Wyoming Valley Scenery," image depicts a popular visitor destination even prior to creation of Letchworth State Park.

Voices of the Glen.jpg
Illustration to a collection of poems written by visitors to William Pryor Letchworth's "Glen Iris" estate on the Geneseee River. Its composition suggests that the voice of nature itself--for example, the creek pictured--is being channeled via…

VoicesGlen_0004 (1).jpg
Illustration from anthology of poems entitled "Voices of the Glen" shows William P. Letchworth's Glen Iris estate with Upper Falls and Erie railroad viaduct in background

Glen Iris - No.36 - Front.jpeg
Handcolored postcard of The Glen Iris Inn appears on the front of the postcard, accompanied by a unused back.

Glen Iris - Stereoviews - 4.jpeg
A stereoview card featuring a photographer taking pictures of the falls from The Glen Iris lawn at Letchworth State Park. Note that the equipment is another two-lensed camera. This item contains images of the original card and its reverse, along with…

View of the most famous waterfall in present-day Letchworth State Park accompanied W. S. Ward's essay "The Valley of the Genesee."

Illustration of Seneca council house, in present-day Letchworth State Park, accompanied W. S. Ward's essay "The Valley of the Genesee."

Letchworth Cover.jpg
Mini-postcard album features ten views of the local attraction: Middle Falls, Mt. Morris Dam, Letchworth State Park Museum, Upper Falls, Glen Iris Inn, Statue of Mary Jemison, Inspiration Point, the "Scenic Gorge of the Genesee River," Lower Falls,…
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