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Illustration of the Middle Falls accompanies the poem "Mona-Sha-Sha," by William H.C. Hosmer

Lower Falls.jpg
Artist's sketch to accompany Mrs. E. M. Omsted's poem "The Lower Falls of the Upper Genesee at Midnight" in a collection entitled "Voices of the Glen"

Voices of the Glen.jpg
Illustration to a collection of poems written by visitors to William Pryor Letchworth's "Glen Iris" estate on the Geneseee River. Its composition suggests that the voice of nature itself--for example, the creek pictured--is being channeled via…

VoicesGlen_0004 (1).jpg
Illustration from anthology of poems entitled "Voices of the Glen" shows William P. Letchworth's Glen Iris estate with Upper Falls and Erie railroad viaduct in background
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