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Photograph shows early construction of what became known as the Bob Brooks Building, who was a Perry contractor. On the Brigham farm, strip mall development in the 1950s transformed North Center St. The Perry Knitting Co. rented the building starting…

5194 (1).jpg
Man building Perry Knitting Company Outlet Store on North Center Street

The Clark Rice Photography Annotation states, "Repairs being made on Main Street, probably about 1970, taken by Clark." Three men look to be repairing the windows and exterior of a brick building on Main Street.

An advertisement for toddlers switch about featuring different prints and designs. Designs include rocket ships and cupid's bow. It never stretches and is easy to put on. Pajamas also come in different colors.

Advertisement for different prints for pajamas. There are about a dozen fresh new designs to choose from that suit every age.

CIO Letter.jpg
Probably circulated during an unsuccessful unionizing drive at the Perry Knitting Co. in 1937, this flyer is addressed not only to employees but the larger Perry community. The Textile Workers Organizing Committee ask, rhetorically, why the Perry…

CIO Handbill.jpg
This single-side document probably dates to a 1937 effort to unionize the Perry Knitting Co. employees. The Textile Workers Organizing Committee met considerable resistance from company management and some employees, who staged a "Loyalty Parade"…

The Rice Collection annotation describes this scene as "One of the supervisors showing the cotton knitting machine that was used to make the cloth for the Nitey Nite p.j.s."

Cotton yarn in barrels suggest the scale of the company's operation. The…

What appears to be a mill worker poses with a woman wearing a name tag and corsage. Given other photos in this sequence she may be a teacher at Perry Central School, who were given special tours along with the children.

The Rice Collection…

Cutters 1897--front.jpg
This striking photograph captures a moment in time when cutting textile patterns was in transformation from a skilled to a semi-skilled operation. Given all of machinery at the Perry Knitting Co., perhaps there's a statement being made via the pile…
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