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This photograph, taken by Clark Rice, is a bit surreal. It shows a display created for windows of the Rockwell-Perry department store, located at the corner of Main St. and Borden Ave. The theme was "Nitey Nite Songbirds" and was promoted in the…

This is an interior shot of the Royce and Wright Department store in Perry, NY. The store was located in the Bussey Block, at the corner of Borden Avenue and Main Street. It was in business between 1911 and 1949, when it became the Rockwell-Perry…

According to the Rice Collection annotation, this is a Philip Mayer photograph of the main street of Perry. This photograph was taken during the Christmas season during nightfall; holiday lights are strung over Main Street.

The Clark Rice Photography Annotation states, "Repairs being made on Main Street, probably about 1970, taken by Clark." Three men look to be repairing the windows and exterior of a brick building on Main Street.

The Clark Rice Photography Annotation states "Second print was taken by Clark Rice of the winter in Perry on Main Street, 1950." Main street in Perry on a winter day.

The Clark Rice Photography Annotation states "Top photograph is a copy print of Main Street in Perry about 1900." Main Street in Perry filled with carriages, horses, and gentlemen on the right side of the street.
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