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This photograph almost certainly was taken at the same time as Item #5323, showing women at work in the sewing section of PKC. Here, we have moved toward the back of the room and see different employees and a closer look at the machinist (?) in…

From the Rice Collection annotation: "8 x 10 black and white photograph inside the Perry Knitting Company showing the cutting machine and two women who ran it, about 1960, one of the women is Mrs. Kwiecien."A fuller story is given in the "Perry…

From the Rice collection annotation: "Women working in the sewing section of the Perry Knitting Company. First woman in the picture is Janice Vosburg. Male supervisors walk around quality checking and checking quantities." This photograph almost…

Community visitors are offered a variety of soft drinks at an open house held on May 21, 1953. “While the project is designed to acquaint people generally with operations of the company," a preview stated, "it will also demonstrate the potential job…

The Clark Rice Photography Annotation states "Top photograph is a copy print of Main Street in Perry about 1900." Main Street in Perry filled with carriages, horses, and gentlemen on the right side of the street.

The Clark Rice Photography Annotation states "Second print was taken by Clark Rice of the winter in Perry on Main Street, 1950." Main street in Perry on a winter day.

This photo is taken by M. M. Crocker of the village of Perry from up on a hill. The Rice Collection annotation dates it to about 1875, referring us to Crocker’s notation on back of print: "View of Perry from the hill South Eastern part of the village…

The Clark Rice Photography Annotation states, "Photo of the United States Air Force ground observer post that was put in place during the Cold War,
photo by Clark Rice." Two women stand outside the observer post, one holding a clip board, the other…

According to the Rice Collection annotation, "Clifford Rice and three others inspect the garments made in the Knitting Mill during the Mill Open House in 1954."

This date is probably wrong; there wasn't an open house in 1954, but there was on May…

The Tempest Kitting Mill Company standing tall in Perry NY.
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