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Burr Map 1840--jpeg.jpg
Detail from David H. Burr's "Map of the County of Livingston" shows the location of five different mills via icon. Captions have been added to identify their names.

Kensett--Summer on Conesus Lake.jpg
A placid scene along the shore of this Finger Lake depicts men and women—there are no children present—at their leisure in genteel dress. Small groups are picnicking, lounging, boating, and perhaps courting.

Kensett, a second-generation painter…

Geneseo Water Works.jpeg
Designed by J. Nelson Tubbs, amalgam of illustrations shows 1) the intake site on Conesus Lake, 2) an elevation profile of the supply pipe to the village reservoir, 3) a diagram of the reservoir, and 4) an enlarged section of the reservoir. The…

Five Arch front.jpg
200-foot stone viaduct was constructed by the Rochester and Genesee Valley Railroad sometime around 1856-57, crossing the outlet of Conesus Lake not far from where that creek joins the Genesee River. By 1859 the planned rail line between Mt. Morris…

Lakeville Mill front.jpg
Postcard shows view of a decrepit water wheel, almost certainly located at the outlet of Conesus Lake where it becomes Conesus Creek. If so, then the photograph shows remnants of what had been a broom-handle factory operated by L.P. West, then…
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