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Mill Maps.png
This GIS map was created to support the Dansville Ever-Green map, itself an experiment to recover historical knowledge for the purposes of envisioning a bioregional economy & culture. Its premise is to draw a 50-mile radius around the town of…

Scheme for the application of steam engines to agriculture was deemed by the editors of "The Genesee Farmer" to be "more poetry than practice." Surreal as it appears to be, except for the rail lines modern planting and harvesting use very similar…

Myers--Junk Yard@2x.jpg
Nearby to many of New York's factories, power plants, and slaughterhouses, there's an obvious social ecology to Myers' choice of location. It's possible that the photographic of this painting may have mis-titled it, given frequent references to a…

Cotton Spinning--1880.jpg
Two maps from an historical atlas show the rise of a southern textile industry, especially during the early 20th century. By 1926, the long-dominant New England region of textile manufactures was about even with the south; in another twenty years it…

Dorlcote Mill.jpg
Set in the early 18th century, Eliot's rural locale is subjected to changes wrought by industrialization
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