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Perry 1902--small.jpg
This is a hybrid map typical of its time. It embeds cartography--including street names, property and water rights ownership, sewage lines and fire hydrants--within an advertising framework. Taken altogether it provides a useful snapshot of the Perry…

This photo is taken by M. M. Crocker of the village of Perry from up on a hill. The Rice Collection annotation dates it to about 1875, referring us to Crocker’s notation on back of print: "View of Perry from the hill South Eastern part of the village…

5326 cropped.jpg
Using Cotton in The Perry Knitting Company. Woon 'Mach' & Press Co. cotton machine.

The Clark Rice Photography Annotation states, "Photo of the United States Air Force ground observer post that was put in place during the Cold War,
photo by Clark Rice." Two women stand outside the observer post, one holding a clip board, the other…

These two similar photographs were shot for the Nitey-Night pajama company product catalog. It's not clear whether the photographs ever were used. The child on the left posing in the photo is identified as Regina Ireland, wearing a pair of footie…

The Perry Landfill known as Mt. Trashmore, taken about 1989. Clark was photographing the debris that was on Ken McBride’s land, he had been hired by them to do that. When he walked up on the side of the fence by McBride’s land, he was challenged by…

From the Rice Collection annotation: "8 x 10 black and white photograph inside the Perry Knitting Company showing the cutting machine and two women who ran it, about 1960, one of the women is Mrs. Kwiecien."A fuller story is given in the "Perry…

The Citizen's Bank, 1965

A street view of The Citizen's Bank's front entrance.

Farewell Party 1925--front.jpg
According to a typed label on its reverse side, this photograph shows an event celebrating the departure or retirement of Vern E. Reichard (a Perry Knitting Co. manager) and Mark Stowell (a superintendent). An overlay on the reverse identifies all…

The Tempest Kitting Mill Company standing tall in Perry NY.
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