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Abernathy--The Oak Tree.jpg
On a purely aesthetic level, this portrayal of rural farm life in autumn is quite clearly done in a painterly matter: quick brushstrokes with a specific choice to omit most detail. It can be assumed that the light-handed application of paint was a…

Abernathy--Blue and Gold.jpg
The depiction of the foreground illustrates a rural setting in the midst of an urbanizing town in the background – a changing sociocultural climate in New York. Abernathy uses a quick, painterly style to show that the brushstrokes are an instrumental…

Bierstadt--Mohawk River small.jpg
This painting, seemingly located on the upper Mohawk River, assumes a timeless, mythical quality. Bierstadt was one of several second-generation Hudson School artists associated with "luminism," a technique using aerial perspective and…

Under a pale sky, we look uphill along a crooked line of split-rail fences and melting snow toward a pair of dormant trees and farm buildings. Bolton’s close attention to Catskill landscapes is apparent in his treatment of patterns in melting snow;…


Cropsey--Greenwood Lake.jpg

Cunning--In the Early Spring.jpg
This painting depicts a scene that combines natural elements with man-made features. The brick wall is clearly defined in the forefront of this painting, but our attention is directed to the waterfalls that flow behind it. The wall varies in height…


Kensett--Summer on Conesus Lake.jpg

Lomoff - Leeds Bridge.JPG
Portions of the stone bridge depicted here date to 1760, when a wooden structure over Catskill Creek (in Greene County) collapsed; the rest was completed in 1792 and remains standing today. Lomoff renders virtually no straight lines in his painting,…
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