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Abernathy--Blue and Gold.jpg
The depiction of the foreground illustrates a rural setting in the midst of an urbanizing town in the background – a changing sociocultural climate in New York. Abernathy uses a quick, painterly style to show that the brushstrokes are an instrumental…

AbernathyInez--Spring in Central Park.jpg
We see a river flowing between two banks lined with trees. The trees are mostly bare however, they appear as they are going to start budding. The colors in this painting are cooler--blues and greens--but there is a hint of warm yellow in the lower…

Abernathy--The Oak Tree.jpg
On a purely aesthetic level, this portrayal of rural farm life in autumn is quite clearly done in a painterly matter: quick brushstrokes with a specific choice to omit most detail. It can be assumed that the light-handed application of paint was a…
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