In the Early Spring

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This painting depicts a scene that combines natural elements with man-made features. The brick wall is clearly defined in the forefront of this painting, but our attention is directed to the waterfalls that flow behind it. The wall varies in height and seems to take on the shape of the waterfall behind it. Gaps and layers of the wall give the illusion that the waterfall is part of the man-made structures. The dreary background is abundant with parallel lines that make it appear as its own type of wall.

About the Artist: Like NDG artists Lucie Bayard and A.E. Cederquist, Cunning was a student of the famous artist-teacher Robert Henri at the New York School of Art. He remained close to this circle of artists via the Whitney Studio Club, and several of his works were featured in Whitney Bienniels or museum collections: “Old Dock” (1927); “Sunset—New York Bay” (1932); “Roadside Market” (1934). His 1934 painting “Manhattan Skyline,” created for the Public Works of Art Program, is at Smithsonian American Art Museum. 1 work at Whitney Museum of American Art. 2 works at the Brooklyn Museum. 1 more image at FAP.


Cunning, John, 1889-1953








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Original Format

Oil painting

Physical Dimensions

30 x 24 in.
Condition: surface dirt