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From a vantage point looking westward, we see the town of approximately 3,000 about a century after its first settlers began arriving following the 1797 Big Tree treaty. Incorporated in 1814, Perry initially was an agricultural area that increasingly…

Walker House front.jpg
Postcard shows guests taking in the scenery at a popular hotel located next to the Silver Lake Railroad. Actually, it was the second Walker House, the first having burned down in 1857. That earlier hotel was operated by Artemus B. Walker, whose…

Old Well--front.jpg
Early 20th-century postcard shows a well at what appears to be the Pioneer Log Cabin, built in 1872 to commemorate early settlers in Wyoming County.

Addressed to Wm. Miller of Highlandstown, MD, its inscription reads: "A place where I have spent…

The Clark Rice Photography Annotation states, "Outlet under Main St., probably about 1910." This outlet is located on Main St. right next to The Perry Knitting Co.

Silver Lake Ice Co.png
According to the annotation on the back of this photograph, this is probably a rebuilt "Silver Lake Ice House -- Burned May 1892. Replaced by another which was torn down in 1925. North East shore of Silver Lake -- North of Perry Water Works on site…
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