In Front of Walker House, Silver Lake, NY

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Postcard shows guests taking in the scenery at a popular hotel located next to the Silver Lake Railroad. Actually, it was the second Walker House, the first having burned down in 1857. That earlier hotel was operated by Artemus B. Walker, whose desire to drum up business led to his role in an 1855 sighting of the so-called "Silver Lake Serpent." Two fisherman saw what they thought was a log, until a beast leaped from the water. Two years later, a fire at Walker House revealed the apparatus and he confessed to the hoax--it was an additional incentive to visit Silver Lake.

Walker lived in Canada for a period, then returned to Silver Lake and built this later iteration of his hotel in 1869. He remained a promoter: his resort complex included boats, a diving platform, dance halls, and various amusements.


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