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Cripple Creek--color.jpg
Small mining town, located at nearly 10,000 feet, is best known for its gold rush history. This photograph appears in OpenValley because the Perry Knitting Company calculated that its production of Nitey Nite sleepers in 1952, if laid end to end,…

Celebrating its 75th year of operation, the largest employer invited Perry townspeople for a two-hour tour of its facilities, during which 1,000 employers were at work to demonstrate the machines. There were refreshments and live flamingos. This…

Open House for Nitey Nite.jpg
Large advertisement for the Perry Knitting Co.'s open house of May 27, 1953 promises lots of information and "guided tours through 21 operating departments." In the meantime, the flyer mentions some striking statistics: That a year's supply of…

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