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This is a photograph of John Eugene Harmon in his uniform, upon returning home from military service during World War I. A member of Company C, Sixth Engineers, he had been wounded during the Battle of Amiens in 1918 and recovered in France. Back…

F. W. Beers map shows streams, roads & railroads, subdivisions, schools & school districts, and principal landowners. The image resolution is intended for web viewing rather than reproduction.

"New Century Atlas" map shows streams, streets & railroads, canals, schools, major landholders, and (in red) the names of larger farms. Also included is the nearby reservation of Canawaugus. The image resolution is intended for web viewing rather…

Caption to photograph summarizes the content of this news clipping: "General secretary of the Young Women's Christian Association, of Baltimore, who has resigned her position to manage a big wheat farm in Western New York. She takes the place of her…

Trout Farm.png
From Seth Green's 1870 manual "Trout Culture" comes this layout for a series of ponds designed to hatch trout

Aerial panorama of Caledonia, NY was published by Burleigh Litho of Troy, NY. According to John William Reps, Lucien R. Burleigh was responsible—whether as artist or publisher—for some 228 lithographic city views (it is possible, even likely that the…
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