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Cross Botonee


This resonant symbol appears near the end of a 1904 history of the Western New York Diocese of the Protestant Episcopal Church. It was fairly common in the Anglican church and its Episcopal branches in the United States, one of them St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Caledonia, NY.

Called a cross botonee (or bottony), the three "buds" at each of four arms sometimes are taken to stand for the twelve apostles. Its design also references the four apostles in symbolic form: Matthew (the angel at top), Mark (the winged lion), Luke (the winged bull), and John (the eagle). Finally, we see a pair of crossed croziers, emblematic of the shepherd's pastoral staff. These elements sometimes found their way into ecclesiastical and familial heraldry--not easy to untangle from the Scottish clan heraldry in Caledonia.


Scrantom, Wetmore Co., Rochester NY




Cooper, Ken


Charles Wells Hayes, "The Diocese of Western New York: History and Recollections" (Rochester: Scrantom, Wetmore, 1904): 408.

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