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Southward-looking panorama straddles the genres of landscape painting, bird's eye view, and travel promotion. Although created by noted painter its appeal is easy to see for the Northern Pacific Railroad and its excursionary Yellowstone Park Line.…

Number 6 on the Burleigh map, the BR &P was one of four rail lines passing through the area and like the Lehigh Valley RR constructed primarily for the shipment of Pennsylvania coal--in this case, the major markets being industrial Rochester and…

LVRR 1911.jpg
Number 7 on the Burleigh map, an original modest structure served the needs of a railroad built primarily to deliver coal from the Pennsylvania anthracite fields, east to New York and west to Buffalo on the Great Lakes. Amidst ferocious competition,…

Caledonia Timetable 1878.jpg
Number 9 on the Burleigh map, the Erie Railroad was one of four different lines passing through or near by the town of Caledonia. At the time of Burleigh's panoramic map (1892) the railroad was in dire financial straights and by the next year would…

Two overlapping life-routes depict the President's journey from Hodginsville, KY to Washington, DC, and the return trip back to Springfield, IL by funeral train. After stops in New York City and Albany, it passed through upstate New York en route to…

In addition to canals, color-coded map shows railroads in operation, under construction, and proposed.

Adaptation of Wilbur Siebert's 1898 map focuses solely on New York state network, perhaps with a misleading sense of precision as to clarity of "routes"

Promotional brochure created by the Industrial Department of the Dansville and Mount Morris Railroad, a short line operation whose existence depended upon manufacturers locating near its facilities. The 32-page document contains information upon…

Principal rail lines (and those under construction) are shown along with canals, and a map legend listing total mileage for each railroad company. Shows connections with mineral areas in northern Pennsylvania.

Dansville RR Map--Connections.jpg
Two maps from a railroad promoting local industry makes the case that its short line links to many distant markets.
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