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Fire Fiend 2.jpg
Headline from the weekly Caledonia "Advertiser" describes a major fire that destroyed much of the village's commercial district and the Moss House hotel in 1891. The story goes on to enumerate some of what was lost: "The fire cleaned out two…

Davis & Bundy--1894.jpg
Number 42 on the Burleigh map, it's not clear whether Davis (1860-1947) ever was successful in starting up his billiard hall--and the attendant liquor license likely for its operation. It's more certain that, by May 1894, he and Charles Bundy had…

IMG_4897 Sinclair Fire book2 (1).jpg
These images document the devastating 1938 fire which broke out on the site of the Sinclair Refining Company in Wellsville, NY. The fire ultimately took over 200 volunteers from more than 20 different departments to quell, resulting in 3 deaths and…

Wellsville Composite--medium.jpg
Image incorporates 1940 map of the village of Wellsville and a photograph from the devastating 1938 fire at the site of the Sinclair Refining Company in Wellsville
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