1912 Perry Knitting Co. Banquet

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The second annual gathering of this type, company managers and foreman celebrate business success and amity. A program printed for the occasion offers some of the main themes, each followed by a toast: Management - Prosperity of Perry - Harmony of Industries - The Polish Help - Education in Perry - Future Perry - First Impressions of Perry.

Henry Page attempted to identify all attendees, with partial success. An transparent overlay is accompanied by Page's notes as follow: 1) Walter T. Olin, 2) Carl S. Clarke, 3) Geo. M. Traber, Sr., 4) Guy Comfort, 5) Edward Schwind, 6) Rozanski... 9) Edw. Eagleton... 11) [illegible], 12) Schwind... 14) Jos. Miller, 15) K.P. Smith... 19) Robt. Copeland, 20) Jos. Naylor, 21) William Ogden, 22) Geo. Rich, 23) Chas. Bennett... 25) Geo. Morse, 26) Bert Mullett... 32) Jack Cameron, 33) Roy Spellicy... 36) Wm. Kemp... 39) Fred Miller, 40) E.C. ? [Kenney], 41) A.W. Hotaling, 42) Chas. Gillespie... 44) Wm. Grimes... 46) H.L. Pike, 47) P[aul] J. Hutton... 50) Irwin Kenney, 51) J.N. Wyckoff... 58) Ralph Traber... 60) Ben Mayhew







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