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Bow Bridge--cropped.jpg

Mira--Sheridan Square@2x.jpg
Oil painting of Greenich Village nightlife location dismissed by a Federal Writers Project description as "an uninteresting hodgepodge of buildings of varying sizes and ages, suggesting little of the charm that lies beyond its limits." In 1982, a…

Gaige--Lexington and 35th@2x.jpg
Gaige's title is slightly puzzling, for this seems to be the Episcopal Church of the Incarnation on Madison & 35th. The congregation built a sanctuary at this location 1865; the current structure dates to 1896. About the Artist: Born in Candor,…

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Wolf Creek - Stereoviews - 4.jpeg


Liv Co DEC Lands.jpg

New York Soils.jpg

Emmons 1846.jpeg

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