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HenningCharles--Long Island Landscape.jpg
A soothing rural landscape fades into the hazy distance. Its design is mostly symmetrical, save for a red barn and fence at left center; humans and livestock are conspicuous in their absence. Perhaps the painting's most remarkable feature is its…

Cheney--Long Island Farm.jpg
This landscape illuminates the life of farmers working in Long Island, New York. The painting represents a time period when suburbia begins to emerge, as viewers can see the juxtaposition between the cityscape in the background and the simplicity of…


Charles Lenker's Property.jpg
Excerpted from a larger bird's-eye view of Freeport, NY this image shows an agricultural business located on North Main Street; we see a streetcar in the foreground. Lenker is described as a "Florist and Nurseryman," although given Freeport's…
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