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New lighting was put into the sewing room of the Perry Knitting Company in January of 1950.

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Perry Knitting Company when the new lighting was put into position

From the Rice Collection annotations: "One of the superintendents of the Perry Knitting Company, but I am not sure who he was."

Working in the washing room of the Perry Knitting Company, probably about 1950.

Perry Knitting Company in the sewing room, prior to the new lighting.

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Ice cutting on Silver Lake. I believe this was taken by Clark about 1935.

Kiwanis doings with a picture of Frank Rozanski, William Rychlik, Frank Godlewski and Bill Hamilton, about 1960

The Perry Landfill known as Mt. Trashmore, taken about 1989. Clark was photographing the debris that was on Ken McBride’s land, he had been hired by them to do that. When he walked up on the side of the fence by McBride’s land, he was challenged by…

Railroad siding from Federal Street showing the Perry Salt Works, 1910
A railroad siding emerges from the Perry Salt Works, and almost bisects a stretch of railroad track coming from a different part of the Salt Works.

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Ice harvesting on Silver Lake showing the cutting with the ice being guided to the area where the ice would have been put into smaller blocks.
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