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The Perry Knitting Company occupied three sites at their zenith. One in Mt. Morris, one in Fillmore and the main plant in Perry. The Mt. Morris plant closed in 1969 and Clark took these prints of the interior for the Mill.

5204 (1).jpg
Ice harvesting on Silver Lake showing the cutting with the ice being guided to the area where the ice would have been put into smaller blocks.

A shot of a young child modeling, photographed on spec for the company's product catalog. According to Clark Rice, "We did not do a lot of their catalog work. The P.K. had a photographer and an agency woman located in New York City who oversaw all…

This photo is a street view of the Perry Knitting Company. According to the Rice Collection annotation, this picture was taken around 1960 and shows streets and cars along Hope St. Two people walk alongside the street.

1272 (1).jpg
According to the Rice Collection annotation, this is a "Print made from an original glass plate, looking northeast on Water Street at the Walnut Street." We are able to see several people crossing an iron bridge that was constructed in 1902, perhaps…

By this time, Champion must have been utilizing the building. Clark did these prints for the Champion Company going to Rochester, Livonia, Geneseo and the Perry plant.

The Clark Rice Photography Annotation states "8 prints of the Perry Knitting Co. Mill site, probably about 1990." This is a photo of the side of the building, the Perry Knitting Co.
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