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Caledonia House--front.jpg
Postcard shows the junction of East and State Streets, including what the writer calls "Our much talked of monument." At this time the Soldiers Monument, dedicated in 1900 by then-governor Theodore Roosevelt, would have been seven years old and an…

Caledonia House--cropped.jpg
Number 37 on the Burleigh map, Caledonia House had been a travelers' hotel for more than sixty years by the time of this panoramic view. It was built in 1830 by James Shaw, a mason who gave the structure two-foot-thick walls and hefty beams (not to…

Outterson & Lee--cropped.jpg
Number 33 on the Burleigh map, by the time of panorama's publication Outterson & Lee's firm had been dissolved, settling all debts in April 1892. In 1878 George Outterson opened "a saloon and restaurant under Grant's meat market"; it's unclear…
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