Caledonia House, Robt. Woollett, Prop.

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Caledonia House, Robt. Woollett, Prop.


Number 37 on the Burleigh map, Caledonia House had been a travelers' hotel for more than sixty years by the time of this panoramic view. It was built in 1830 by James Shaw, a mason who gave the structure two-foot-thick walls and hefty beams (not to mention Masonic motifs above the upper-floor windows). For years the "Stone Hotel" was an important stop along the stage-coach roads passing through Caledonia. After Shaw, subsequent managers had included his son John, Jared Moss, Algeroy Smith, Theodore Wilkinson, P.P. Foote, Robert Woollett, George Outterson, John F. Lawton, D.W. Hartney, D.C. Walker, and John A. Keyes. In 1908 the building began its new use as the Eunice Lodge, 830, of the Free & Accepted Masons--which continues to this day.

Robert Woollett appears to have been owner of Caledonia House between 1888 (purchased after the death of Prosper Philander Foote) and 1893, when he sold out to George Outterson due to his wife's illness. These two images show advertisements for Woollett's livery business at Caledonia House prior to his purchase of the property, and then his leap into the melee of selling spirits in Caledonia--an important source of revenue for the hotel. In the following years a cat-and-mouse game transpired between Woollett and temperance advocates, with sudden appearances of excise agents brandishing subpoenas. At the time Woollett sold his hotel, the Caledonia "Advertiser" smirked that he "did well in a financial sense" (23 Feb. 1893). By 1903, the Caledonia "Era" would be fuming that “The conduct of the hotel lately has been enough to bring a blush to the cheek of a brass monkey and it is to be hoped it will never be re-opened again until it can be conducted decently” (16 Dec. 1903). It simply wasn't possible to make money on the property as travelers' rest, anymore, and it became a Masonic Temple.


Caledonia Advertiser


1. 1885-10-19
2. 1890-11-20


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