R.J. Menzie, Physician & Surgeon

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R.J. Menzie, Physician & Surgeon


Number 36 on the Burleigh map, the office of Dr. Robert J. Menzie (1832-1915) probably was the most advanced medical care available in Caledonia. After completing his degree at the University of Buffalo in 1866, he moved to the village and established a practice that was to serve residents for 45 years. At the time of his death, the Caledonia "Era" praised him as "a constant student of and most devoted to his profession...the lives of many persons in this community today were saved through his keeping abreast of the times in the great advance of surgery during his active practice" (21 April 1915).

These two images suggest the importance of his profession to Dr. Menzie. The first is an entirely atypical advertisement taken out by him in 1890 for a lost "state society badge," namely that of the New York Medical Association (and quite unique, because his was among those given to its Original Fellows in 1884). Its symbol-laden design adopts the mottos "Excelsior" for efforts to "elevate and advance the science of medicine," and "Guard the Faith" for a vow "that we always jealously adhere to our principles." It's not certain whether Menzies ever was reunited with his badge, but in the eyes of his community it didn't matter--he had lived by those principles.


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Cooper, Ken


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