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Small plot comprised early settlers' graves, some of which originally were located on the south lawn of the Glen Iris Inn and relocated by William Pryor Letchworth.

Also known as the Wheatland Cemetery, this picturesque resting place for many Harmon family members is located at the junction of McGinnis, Harmon, and Belcoda Roads. Series of four digital photos have been converted to b/w.

Temple Hill.jpg
Postcard shows northwest corner of cemetery, featuring stonework and a limestone basin originally supplied by the Hartman or "Fountain" farm on Groveland Road. It was built sometime shortly after 1886.

Peabody gravestone.jpg
Family plot located at Evergreen Cemetery, Springwater NY. On the back side of Peabody's monument is verse adapted from Thomas Jefferson's deathbed letter to his daughter, Martha Jefferson Randolph: "Farewell my dear family adieu / The last pangs of…
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