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Lower fall--front.jpg
A stereoview card featuring the Lower Falls in the gorge at Letchworth State Park, New York. On front of card: Western New York Scenery. 289 In the Gorge at Lower Fall.

Scenic view from the northern end of present-day Letchworth State Park accompanied W. S. Ward's essay "The Valley of the Genesee."

Lower Falls - Sugar Loaf - Stereoviews - 13.jpeg
A stereoview card featuring the Sugar Loaf Rock at Letchworth State Park, New York. There has been debate about the name, some call this rock The Cathedral Rock. On back of card: Sugar Loaf Rock - 30 feet high, near 3d Falls.

Two men stand in front of a building that began operations in 1916 and, as of 1918, was producing 500 dozen garments every week. (Perry Herald 22 April 1936: 7; Perry Herald 23 March 1938: 7). The Knitting Co. had difficulties in attracting workers…
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