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Entrance to Niagara River.jpg
The strategic importance of forts at the mouth of Niagara River is shown graphically here: during the War of 1812 it was extremely difficult for either British or American ships to make it past the cannons of (respectively) Fort Niagara or Fort…

Vrooman's Battery.jpg
Just prior to the War of 1812, British forces worked feverishly to control navigation of the Niagara River, posting batteries every mile along bluffs overlooking the gorge. The one pictured here was located close enough to the village of Lewiston…

Port of Buffalo.jpg
During the War of 1812, the outpost of Buffalo, NY was scarcely populated but of geographically of strategic importance. As Benson J. Lossing writes in his history, “At the time we are considering that frontier was sparsely settled. Buffalo was a…

Niagara Frontier.jpg
Overview map of important settlements, forts, trails, and battles during the War of 1812 along the Niagara River.

Fort Niagara.jpg
This site at the mouth of the Niagara River always has had a strategic importance: prior to European contact as the beginning of a portage around impassable rapids and falls; then as the French Fort Conti built in 1678; then as a reconstructed Fort…
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