Entrance to the Niagara River

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Entrance to the Niagara River


The strategic importance of forts at the mouth of Niagara River is shown graphically here: during the War of 1812 it was extremely difficult for either British or American ships to make it past the cannons of (respectively) Fort Niagara or Fort George. Lossing's illustration shows the situation ahead of the Battle of Fort George in May 1813. His note reads: “This view is from a drawing made in 1813, previous to the attack on Fort George, and published in the Port Folio in July, 1817. On the extreme left is seen Fort Niagara, and at a greater distance, across the river, Fort George and the village of Newark. To the right of the light-house, over which is a flag, is seen the battery which the Julia and Growler controlled” (597).


Lossing, Benson J[ohn] (1813-1891)




Cooper, Ken


The Pictorial Field-book of the War of 1812; or, Illustrations, by Pen and Pencil, of the History, Biography, Scenery, Relics and Traditions of the Last War for American Independence (Harper & Brothers, 1868): 597.

Thomas Fisher Canadiana Collection, University of Toronto, via Internet Archive


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