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Geneseo Main front.jpg
The distinctive "Sky Tint" blue of this postcard probably dates it to the 1920s, and in confirmation we see both horse-drawn wagons and automobiles on Geneseo's (as-yet unpaved) Main Street. At left is the sign of Frazer, Green & Leadinham's hardware…

Geneseo Bridge front.jpg
At the time of this photograph wooden structure was at least 70 years old, having been constructed in 1830 by a Mt. Morris contractor named Russell Daboll. Its design was somewhat unusual in that wood was used even for the abutments upon which the…

Normal School front.jpg
Hand-colored photograph shows "Old Main," built in 1871 to house the new Geneseo Normal and Training School. Since 1826 the town had been known for its highly regarded Temple Hill Academy, but a rift within the Presbyterian Church threatened its…
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