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2015 New York City Drinking Water Supply and Quality Report_0001@0.5x.jpg
Contemporary map shows the three major water supply systems for New York City--the Croton, the Catskill, and the Delaware--along with their constituent reservoirs, aqueducts, and major City Tunnels. This item is in OpenValley to support the…

We pause during a still moment, seemingly at dawn or dusk, as seven deer come to the Delaware River for water. Its placid surface and enclosure on all sides organizes the space; through a gap in the trees we behold mountains in the distance.…

Entrance chamber building for the Delaware Aqueduct, a system that provides over half of New York City with its water.

Aerial photograph shows a portion of New York City's largest reservoir, located in Delaware County. It drains 455 square miles from the West Branch of the Delaware River, and feeds into the Delaware Aqueduct.
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