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Windsor Ferry front.jpg
Operating a ship named the "Windsor," the Charlotte and Summerville Ferry Company ran a service between those two towns located at the mouth of the Genesee River beginning at least in 1877. Passenger use climbed with trolley lines running along both…

Charlotte Beach front.jpg
Postcard depicts Lake Ontario Shore looking east toward the mouth of the Genesee River. At left is a sailboat moored at the West Pier; the red-roofed building at upper center may be a resort hotel called the Spencer House. Along the boardwalk and…

Charlotte Amusement front.jpg
Postcard from a birds-eye view shows the lakeside amusement park near the height of its popularity. The green-roofed building near center likely is the Hotel Ontario, a connection between the area's past as a resort during the 1870s-80s, and its…
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