Charlotte on Lake Ontario, the Coney Island of Central New York

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Charlotte on Lake Ontario, the Coney Island of Central New York


Postcard from a birds-eye view shows the lakeside amusement park near the height of its popularity. The green-roofed building near center likely is the Hotel Ontario, a connection between the area's past as a resort during the 1870s-80s, and its increasing emphasis upon larger crowds of day visitors by the 1890s. (The railroad at left was an important factor.)

The amusement park featured a midway, roller coasters, a slide that went into Lake Ontario, a sandy beach, and not least other people to watch. In 1916 the City of Rochester annexed Charlotte and purchased the amusement park two years later. After a fire in 1919 it was torn down, and it's possible the conflagration at upper right references this event, in which case the postcard's original artwork was modified. All that's left of the amusement park is its Dentzel carousel, which remains in operation a century later.


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Further reading: Kyle Somervile, "'This is Where I Like to Go': The (Re)creation of Place at Ontario Beach Park," Rochester History 75.1 (2013): 1-36.


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