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Cameron 1902.jpg
Number 46 on the Burleigh map, this longstanding establishment dates from 1864 (when Williams went into business with Thomas G. Edgar) on through his sole proprietorship beginning in 1879 to his eventual sale of the firm in 1902 to DeLancey A.…

McKay Bros 1894--cropped.jpg
Number 14 on the Burleigh map, mill site is one of the older landmarks in Caledonia. It was built in 1801 by Col. Charles Williamson, who was agent for Lord William Pultney concerning a massive tract of land--sold to Scottish immigrants on favorable…

Avon Creeks Map Color.jpg
Beginning in the late 18th century, Conesus Creek and other waterways near Avon provided mechanical power for a variety of milling functions

Dorlcote Mill.jpg
Set in the early 18th century, Eliot's rural locale is subjected to changes wrought by industrialization

This illustration from Eric Sloane's "Vanishing America" shows the sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing designs of hand-crafted millstones

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