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From the Rice collection annotation: "Women working in the sewing section of the Perry Knitting Company. First woman in the picture is Janice Vosburg. Male supervisors walk around quality checking and checking quantities." This photograph almost…

We see two workers posing alongside a machine with patterned cloth probably used for Nitey Nite pajamas. Their aprons show the stains of hand-on engagement with the machinery.

From the Rice Collection annotation: "8 x 10 black and white photograph…

This photograph almost certainly was taken at the same time as Item #5323, showing women at work in the sewing section of PKC. Here, we have moved toward the back of the room and see different employees and a closer look at the machinist (?) in…

From across the Silver Lake Outlet this postcard shows several of PKC's structures in the early 1900s. At the front are Mills #1 and 2, with a smokestack to the left of them. A smokestack to the right marks the engine house for Mill #3.


In this photograph we see groups of employees sitting together at tables that do not seem as segregated by gender and position at the mill. Men wearing ties sometimes sit with women who appear to work at sewing machines. Rice Collection annotation…

The annotation reads: "Lunch room at the Perry Knitting Company, shows personnel eating, Victoria [sic] on the left side of print with piano. Also shows American Flag and buffet line, about 1919." It appears there is some discomfort in being…

A postcard in poor condition yields a rare look at the final stage of manufacturing undergarments. Located in Mill #4, finished goods were first inspected, then ironed and packaged for delivery worldwide. The image has been lightly edited to minimize…

This postcard is in poor condition but offers a distinctive view on the Seaming Room and its many employees.

This photograph suggests how nearby the PKC operation was to residential housing and to surrounding agricultural fields. We see the smokestack of its power plant next to the Walnut St. bridge.

According to the annotated list, this photograph was taken after the last major fire at the PKC site. We're probably looking at Mill #4, located at Walnut and Water Streets.
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