Planing Mill, Lumber & Coal, W.J. Williams, Prop.

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Planing Mill, Lumber & Coal, W.J. Williams, Prop.


Number 46 on the Burleigh map, this longstanding establishment dates from 1864 (when Williams went into business with Thomas G. Edgar) on through his sole proprietorship beginning in 1879 to his eventual sale of the firm in 1902 to DeLancey A. Cameron. The range of Williams' business was considerable: he ran a planing mill; he manufactured sashes, doors, and blinds; he was Caledonia's largest dealer in coal. A profile in the Caledonia "Advertiser" held that his business "has always been conducted on principles of pure mercantile integrity, which has given the business a reputation and standing and gained for it the confidence of the entire community" (17 Jan. 1893).

In his personal life, Williams was a long-time member (and Superintendent) of the First Presbyterian Church before changing his affiliation to the United Presbyterian church in 1881. Along with his work for the Caledonia school board, it was claimed that "no man in Livingston county, has done more to help the poorer classes secure homes of their own." Due to the primarily commercial, not retail, nature of his business there are no known advertisements for or logos of Williams' operation. These images date to the ownerships of DeLancey Cameron (1902) and William Henderson & HD Smith (1908).


Caledonia Era


1. 1902-06-10
2-3. 1908-04-22


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