Chas. P. Bundy, Tonsorial Artist

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Chas. P. Bundy, Tonsorial Artist


Number 44 on the Burleigh map, in plain language this was a barber shop that had been operating since 1885. Prior to that, Bundy had worked in the shop of his brother Thomas while attending school. By the time of the map's publication, Charles was about to be married to Delilah Sellers, the woman with whom he would have two sons: James Samuel and Benjamin Franklin.

Charles P. Bundy (1861-1896) probably followed his brother from Virginia to Caledonia for economic opportunity. Thomas, impressed into military service by the Confederacy, was captured by Union forces and then served Lieutenant-Colonel Francis E. Pierce of the 108th New York Volunteer Infantry. Thomas followed the regiment to Western New York and eventually made a life as a barber before his tragic death in 1885, after which Charles ran his own shop.

Bundy was active in other business endeavors--a grocery partnership with George Davis (who was married to his sister), and this advertisement for fresh oysters (presumably arranged via his contacts in Maryland and Virginia). Sadly, just a week later Bundy had died from longstanding health problems that had severely limited his activities.


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