Fire Insurance Map of Perry Knitting Co., 1884

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Fire Insurance Map of Perry Knitting Co., 1884


Sanborn Map Company created extremely detailed renderings (1:600 scale) for the purposes of fire insurance underwriters. Important details like building use, construction materials, water supplies, power plant, sprinkler systems, and more enabled accurate assessment of fire risk. They remain valuable tools for historical research because they were updated frequently. For the PKC, we also have maps from the years 1894, 1900, 1906, and 1913. Taken together, they document a period of growth for the company.

In this cropped image, we see the mill shortly after its opening on 24 July 1883. From a dam, the plant draws water to create steam heat and mechanical power generated by coal; light gasoline also is used and there is a gasoline well next to the building. In the six-floor structure work is allocated like this:
  1. Wash room for cotton
  2. Store room
  3. Seam & finish room
  4. Carding & packing room
  5. Spinning & knitting room
  6. Drying room
Just downstream from PKC is a mill race for the water-powered Cataract Custom Mill.


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