Autumn Bouquet

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Against a backdrop of muted, almost murky tones in brown, green, and tan, we see a still life of flowers in an earthenware jar along with various fruits. Their colors likewise are subdued; golds, reds, and oranges are illuminated by autumnal light in this pensive composition.

About the Artist
: We haven’t been able to locate much reliable information about this artist. Born Sneier Zemachson in Sulwalki, Lithuania, he immigrated to Toledo, OH in 1910 and became a US citizen around 1939. He was the son of respected liturgical composer Simon Zemachson, and his brother Arnold became one in his own right while living in America; Samuel later became a caretaker and editor of their work. He studied at the National Academy of design and was awarded a prize for his still lifes in 1925. His “Still Life” was purchased by the city of Albany, NY in 1936 through the Federal Art Program. For an unexplained reason, there is 1 more image at FAP in the name of his son Paul—who at that time was less than a year old.


Zemachson, Samuel, 1902-1987






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Original Format

Oil painting

Physical Dimensions

18 x 22 in.
Condition: surface dirt, cracked paint, flaking, stained & torn