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Baumbach’s work depicts a summer landscape in what appears to be a rural farm town from an aerial view. The colors are bright, and cool tone variations of green dominate much of the space. The greens are contrasted by a blue waterway and a yellow field which stretch across the center of the painting, and by several red building structures that sit at the bottom. Rolling hills stretch back into the horizon. Despite the wide view, there is much attention to detail and the painting also features roads, animals, crops, and fences.

About the Artist: Born on New York’s Lower East Side, Baumbach was the son of an upholsterer and largely a self-taught painter. His original emphasis was upon upstate landscapes; later, he moved on to increasing abstraction in his work, influenced perhaps by his friends Mark Rothko and Adolph Gottlieb, but always with his own distinct style. Baumbach was among the founders of the radical journal Art Front (1934-1937), created as “a publication which speaks for the artist, battles for his economic security and guides him in his artistic efforts” (Art Front 1.1 [Nov. 1934]: 2.) Later, his name would come up amidst investigations into “subversive organizations” by the House Un-American Activities Committee. After World War II Baumbach taught painting at Brooklyn College. Although highly regarded by fellow artists, popular success eluded him: “Strong willed, allergic to fashion, even to success, he persisted in going his own way, refusing to sell to prospective buyers he thought did not admire the work properly and breaking off relations with galleries usually after only a show or two” (New York Times 4 Jan. 2002). He was the father of writer Jonathan Baumbach and grandfather of film director Noah Baumbach. 1 work at the Whitney Museum of American Art. 1 work at the Hirshorn Museum. 2 works at the Brooklyn College Library. 1 more image at FAP.


Baumbach, Harold, 1903-2002








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Oil on Canvas

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29.5 x 23.5 in
Condition: surface dirt, dent left corner