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The first paragraph of this handwritten document written by B. Boorman reads "Sir The totals of last Month (Nov.) which was put on book the beginning of this Month I do not know if you have taken act of Therefore give it below[:]
17 Bus 30 lbs…

A handbill published by Matthew Brown, Jr. advertising property for sale near the High Falls of the Genesee River in Rochester, N.Y. Among these are a "merchant flouring mill, in good order for business" and a triphammer forge/mill, all located on a…

Named after the miller Theophilus Short, this small village of perhaps 800 seems to have been using this map in an aspirational way: by visualizing itself as a place to which more businesses and people would locate. The main appeal was its situation…

Burr Map 1840--jpeg.jpg
Detail from David H. Burr's "Map of the County of Livingston" shows the location of five different mills via icon. Captions have been added to identify their names.

Avon Creeks Map Color.jpg
Beginning in the late 18th century, Conesus Creek and other waterways near Avon provided mechanical power for a variety of milling functions. This map shows the approximate locations of nine known mills in that area.

Plate IV_edited-1.jpg
In this plate from Oliver Evans' 1795 text "The Young Mill-wright and Miller's Guide," four different designs are illustrated: undershot, tub, breast shot, and overshot.

Since the 1960s, the former Light Bros. then Glen Avon Mills has been a family residence

An original copy of an insurance policy (including receipt) purchased from the Ontario and Livingston Mutual Insurance Company by James Wadsworth of Geneseo, N.Y. on "His Custom Flouring Mill" in Livingston County, N.Y. (probably on Conesus Creek in…

This illustration from Eric Sloane's "Vanishing America" shows the sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing designs of hand-crafted millstones

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View at Beaver Brook Falls.jpeg
Located between the towns of Waltham and Belmont, MA the falls were the site of a mill that had burned down and remained a picturesque feature on the estate of landscape architect Robert Morris Copeland. The stream and appear to have been referenced…
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