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Carpenter--Tulips and Pewter Pitcher.jpg
In what appears to be a staged painting, we see a red cloth behind various objects, and a white cloth upon which they rest. Towards the left side there are books stacked up against each other and next to them, in the center, a small blue bowl of…

SchiffLuba - Peonies.JPG
This oil on canvas still-life features a modestly decorated table. The primary object, the vase of overflowing peonies, demands our attention. A few, smaller objects also adorn this table such as small candles, a looking glass, and a gold statue. At…

WeinElsie - Girl with Tulips.JPG
A pale-skinned young woman with blue eyes and brown hair, wearing a blue day dress, lifts a single red tulip stem from a vase of five red tulips. Mirroring the dark brown background, a round, wooden table is the stable platform for the two-handled…
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