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Cole--Old Fish Wharves, Rockport--small.jpg
Cole's painting is very still and serene. There is virtually no movement--even the water is calm--and the air appears suffused with a hazy glow. The scene's imbalanced composition leaves a space for an implied sunrise or sunset at right. Cole's…

Mackay--Disruptive Coloration.jpg
One of the earliest proponents of adapting land-based camouflage to military naval craft was William A. Mackay, whose "disruptive coloration" or "low visibility dazzle" system is pictured here. Later it was used to re-paint the troop transport US…

USS DeKalb.jpg
Launched in 1904 as the Prinz Eitel Friedrich for a German cruise line, ship eventually was impounded by the U.S. during World War I, refitted as a troop transport ship, and re-launched as the DeKalb in 1917. After Armistice it was operated by an…
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