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RamerNat - Woods House.JPG
Across a field we see two small buildings next to a larger one mostly obscurred by trees at left. Given their size and delapidation, it can be inferred that the lives within the homes are humble ones—perhaps agricultural workers, given the pile of…

RamerNat - The Plot Next Door.JPG
It would appear that we’re looking at a farm—barn, silo, outbuildings, a line of trees—around haying season. So why the painting’s title? The nearest lot seems to be across a road, but fence posts run across it; if so this would be an informal farm…

RamerNat - Fishkill Fields.JPG
Using a fairly flat picture plane, Ramer uses an array of muted colors to depict a rural scene in Duchess County (mountains in the background may be the Fishkill range). The composition is balanced between an aging tree at left, a windmill at right.…
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