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HartlLeon--Fruit and Flowers.jpg
More than a dozen species of fruit and flowers are mounded on a bed of grass. The painting's upper half, a skillfully mottled background, is crucial for establishing the space necessary to make sense of the lower half--without it, those objects…

HartlLeon--Harvest Still Life.jpg
Nature's bounty is gathered into a late-summer array: grapes, pears, peaches, a plum and a melon; behind them, heads of wheat and various flowers. It is not a haphazard grouping, given the wheat stalks poking out from green grass; the effect is…

Hartl--Field Flowers--small.jpg
The setting of this composition blurs the genres of En plein air landscapes and still lifes; there is no "background" to situate the basket of flowers in space, but the grass underneath them departs from carefully artificial indoor settings. A few…
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