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SarkadiLeo - Vase of Tulips.jpg
A photograph doesn’t do justice to Sarkadi’s deft use of color and texture upon his paper medium. Were the painting’s few splashes of white removed, we would see three stems of tulip, along with a bit of greenery, in a glass jar set inside of a bowl.…

SarkadiLeo - Edge of the Garden.JPG
At least two questions are implied by this painting’s title: which edge of the garden, and what is a garden? Due to a flattened plane and Sarkadi’s composition we see a row of hollyhocks and other tall flowers at the bottom of the canvas, with no…

SarkadiLeo - Chinese Jar.JPG
A striking composition is achieved with very few objects: the painting’s eponymous vase, a few flowers and blooming limbs, a goldfish bowl, and two paintings. Carefully outlined shapes play against a scattering of colors applied thickly—even…
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