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Legal proceedings in the Monroe County Surrogate Court evaluated, for the purposes of taxation, Mr. Harmon's real estate, personal property, and outstanding creditors. This document provides a glimpse into the financial life of a successful farmer of…

Its name dating back at least to 1917, this 477-acre farm was operated by Eugene Elisha Harmon and his descendants. Origins of the name are unclear: perhaps it derives from the Seminole word meaning "village" or "home"; perhaps the popular…

Also known as the Wheatland Cemetery, this picturesque resting place for many Harmon family members is located at the junction of McGinnis, Harmon, and Belcoda Roads. Series of four digital photos have been converted to b/w.

Near the Harmon farm named "O-Ka-lee" are the remains of these stone walls--according to family history constructed by Irish immigrants around the mid-1800s. The contemporary digital photographs have been transformed into b/w versions.

A third…

This is a photograph of John Eugene Harmon in his uniform, upon returning home from military service during World War I. A member of Company C, Sixth Engineers, he had been wounded during the Battle of Amiens in 1918 and recovered in France. Back…
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