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Kovner--Small Town Harlem@2x.jpg
At the time of this painting Harlem had the highest population density in New York, so it is a surprise to see remaining pockets of its originally rural identity. On the hill above, we see newer and more expensive housing.About the Artist: Born in…

Jones--Charch Graveyard.jpg
The identity of this unusual church isn’t clear. Its design and steeple are characteristic of many found throughout New England; at the top of its steeple is a small “onion dome” turret usually found on Russian or Greek Orthodox churches. Jones may…

Eichenberg--Preaching to the Birds.jpg
This work displays a man suspended off the ground, surrounded by a variety of birds. The man himself looks to be St. Francis. The birds surrounding him are varied, with different species and sizes. The etching is darkly colored, primarily using…
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