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Burr--Cattaraugus Co.jpg
Southwestern county, part of the 1794 Treaty of Canandaigua that extinguished most Seneca nation land rights, is shown here not long after its incorporation in 1817. Remnants of Senecas land are visible as the Cattaraugus Reservation (at upper left)…

Erie-Lackawana Bridge 1972.jpg

Water Station 1972.jpg

Olean Retaining Wall 1972.jpg

Salamanca's Main St 1972.jpg

Olean Farm 1972.jpg

Ulysses front.jpg
Postcard shows township located in Potter County, formed in 1804 and so remote that as of the 1830s one gazetteer wrote: "So little indeed is the county known or visited, that its very representatives in the assembly have scarce traversed it"…
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